Shawna David

Shawna David

Shawna David is originally from Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Her entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age with lemonade stands and dance camps in her basement. After attending UNLV, majoring in Psychology and Dance, her dream of becoming a professional dancer was granted. As a dancer, she traveled the world and performed throughout the Las Vegas strip. Toward the later part of her dancing years, she was eager to take the “next step” and transition into the teaching realm. For over 10 years, she instructed a variety of dance techniques to students ages 2 -18 in both the academic and dance studio environments. During her time in the studio, she focused on developing dancer’s technical abilities and improving performance qualities. In addition, she challenged herself to create unique, innovative and inspiring choreography. With a strong vision, her choreography was recognized, earned high scores and awarded over-all placements. She attended dance teacher conferences and judged several dance competitions to remain current in the dance world.

Shawna is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of World-Class Talent Experience dance competition. From her experiences, she has designed a dance competition that supports growth, positivity and integrity. Her organization highly values the dedication, hard- work and commitment dancers devote to their talent. The mission of World-Class Talent Experience is to support young aspiring dancers by offering a positive dance competition experience that will enable growth and future success. Her long-term vision is to encourage a healthy competitive environment that models camaraderie, fairness and respect. Her organization will bridge the gap between learning talent in the studio and developing performance to embrace the experience on a live stage. Shawna is excited to provide endless opportunities for dancers. In 2013, she premiered her dance competition events in Las Vegas, NV and Woodbridge, VA. She is eager to launch her 2013 – 2014 dance tour with 20 cities.

Shawna has written a book that focuses on the dance competition industry, which will be published next month. On the side, she will travel throughout the nation hosting semi-annual instructional seminars for studio directors and instructors to learn how to increase their adjudication results.

She is excited to connect with the dance industry. Together as a supportive dance community composed of dancers, professionals, instructors, choreographers, parents and friends we can “enrich lives through dance”.  Shawna invites you to share your thoughts, comments and ideas through her blog.


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